Forget “Softening” on Immigration Policy: Trump Comes Out Swinging

Trump's Immigration Policy
Trump's Immigration Policy

In the wake of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s unprecedented speech on Wednesday, he finally drew a line in the sand over immigration policy that was deep and wide. And the liberal media is tripping all over itself to declare Trump’s campaign over. Most news outlets are reporting that all of Trump’s Hispanic supporters are sprinting to get away from Trump.
Even some of the conservative media look a little like deer in the headlights. It’s true; Trump’s speech was a bold counter-punch in the face of political correctness. But it really wasn’t anything new. Trump basically reconfirmed what he’s been saying all year about immigration, including:
taking back control of our borders and building a wall between the United States and Mexico;
deporting all immigrants living in the United States illegally;
prioritizing Americans and the rights of Americans over illegal immigrants;
and practicing “extreme vetting” and “ideological certifications”

to insure that those immigrants who want to move to America agree to respect our values, our customs, and our laws, or they won’t be allowed in.
Many middle-of-the-roader types had hoped maybe Trump’s waffling this week over immigration signaled that he was “softening” his hardline position. Au contraire. There wasn’t even a trace of softening in his speech on Wednesday. There was no caving-in to political interests.
There were no attempts to appease competing interests. What Trump offered is what Americans have said they want—to fix our borders and get a handle on immigration. Period.

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