Former Administration Official: Russia May Have Had Access to Our Government Networks For Years

Former Administration Official: Russia May Have Had

( – On December 12, the National Security Council reportedly met to discuss a hack on multiple federal agencies. The media almost immediately blamed the security breach on Russian cybercriminals. Although the former Soviet country denied involvement, a former Trump Administration official said they’ve been at it for years.

In a December 16 op-ed in the New York Times, Former Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossart discussed the recent cyberattack. He said it’s happening at the worst possible time, right before a presidential inauguration and it certainly looks like Russia was behind it.

Bossart explained the alleged Russian hackers have likely had access to the government for “six to nine months” and might even have “persistent access” which allows them to “infiltrate and control networks” in an undetectable manner. He said the “magnitude” of the breach is “hard to overstate.”

There’s no proof Russia is behind the attack. What’s most important, though, is that President Trump’s administration is investigating it and protecting our networks to prevent it from happening again.

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