Former Bloomberg Employees Speak Out

Former Bloomberg Employees Speak Out

( – Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg will appear on primary ballots for the first time on Super Tuesday, but this week isn’t starting out well for him. Former employees of the Democratic presidential candidate are speaking out about the toxic culture at Bloomberg LP.

An investigation found many people who worked for him said the environment at the company was horrible. Forty current and former employees said complaints to human resources were often ignored. They said Bloomberg News former Washington Editor Al Hunt harassed and touched female staff members, had to pay two settlements and was allowed to keep his job.

Bloomberg, himself, has been known to make racist and offensive comments. His record with women is especially disturbing:

Despite all of that baggage, he’s still trying to unseat President Trump. And, he’s doing so under the Democratic Party’s banner — the party of “me too.” How’s that for irony?

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