Former Cop Opens Fire in Recent Mass Shooting

Former Cop Opens Fire in Recent Mass Shooting

( – Divorces are difficult for most people. It makes sense; they are letting go of a dream they had about spending their lives with someone. Law enforcement believes one man was so upset about his impending divorce that he carried out a mass shooting in California.

On August 23, 59-year-old John Snowling allegedly walked into a famed biker bar in Orange County and opened fire. Law enforcement officials said he was a former cop who retired in 2014 after serving for almost 30 years. He was reportedly upset that his marriage was ending, so he went to Cook’s Corner in Trabuco Canyon, where his wife attended a weekly $8 spaghetti dinner night.

Dozens of people were at the 140-year-old bar at the time of the shooting. Once inside the bar, Snowling reportedly targeted his estranged wife, opening fire on her. He struck her, wounding her. He then opened fire on the individual she was dining with, killing them. Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said the suspect went back outside to his vehicle to grab more guns. In total, three people were shot to death, and six others suffered injuries.

People at the dinner began calling 911 to report the shooting. Deputies arrived on the scene and confronted the shooter. Police opened fire on Snowling, killing him.

Ventura Police Chief Darin Schindler released a statement saying, “Our hearts weigh heavy with the distressing incident at Cook’s Corner.” He sent condolences to those who lost loved ones in the incident.

Just days after that shooting, another one took place in Florida. On August 26, 21-year-old Ryan Christopher Palmeter traveled to Jacksonville, Florida, from the county next to it and opened fire at a Dollar General in a majority-black neighborhood. Law enforcement officials say he was motivated by an intense hatred of black people. Three people were killed in the shooting. The murderer killed himself when cops arrived on the scene.

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