Former Federal ATF Agents Step Forward To Stop Biden Nominee

Former Federal ATF Agents Step Forward To Stop Biden Nominee

( – President Joe Biden has made gun control a high priority in his administration. That’s why his nominee to head the ATF is so controversial. Former ATF agents are now urging the Senate to block the president’s choice to head the agency.

According to an August 3 report from The Reload, seven former ATF agents with 25+ years of experience wrote a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee asking them to vote against the confirmation of David Chipman. The nominee to run the law enforcement agency tasked with investigating gun crimes is a firm believer in limiting the Second Amendment through regulation. The agents said they think his “strong personal beliefs” will cause long-lasting issues for the agency.

Instead of listening to experts, the White House is blaming Republicans for the stalled nomination. Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently lashed out during a daily briefing.

Chipman’s nomination has been stalled for months over his previous comments about guns. He has said he supports a broad ban on so-called assault weapons. Republicans want the president to nominate someone who will follow the law, not radicalize gun ownership. So far, though, the Biden administration has refused to replace Chipman.

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