Former Hacker Warns Americans About the Future of Cyberattacks

Former Hacker Warns Americans About the Future of Cyberattacks

( – In the last couple of months, two significant cyberattacks have had an impact on the supply chain in the US. The first was against the Colonial Pipeline, the largest oil and gas pipeline in the country. The second was to the largest meat processing company in the world, JBS Foods. Both attacks, plus other smaller ones, have left the country on edge. A former hacker is now warning they’re only going to get worse.

On Saturday, June 19, LulzSec’s Hector Xavier Monsegur, the co-founder of the Black Hat hacking group, said the attacks against American infrastructure will get “worse exponentially.” He said the country doesn’t have enough security experts to deal with the threats — and he explained that companies have not protected themselves enough to stop the hackers either. Their security still hasn’t “reached a certain threshold” so the country will continue seeing the attacks and they’ll get worse.

Monsegur said the federal government relies too heavily on contractors to maintain security measures.

Recently, the Senate confirmed Chris Inglis, who became the first National Cyber Director. He’s the former deputy director of the NSA and his job will be to ensure the federal government is properly protected.

The former hacker said the only way we are going to protect the country is by working together. Whether Biden’s new director will do that remains to be seen.

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