Former Marine Accused of Treason by FBI

Former Marine Accused of Treason by FBI

( – In 2016, Iran freed ex-Marine Amir Hekmati from custody after four years. When he returned home, he was supposed to receive $20 million from the US government, but he never received any money. Recently, he learned why.

On March 16, the Associated Press reported new court documents reveal suspicions by the FBI that Hekmati was in Iran to sell classified US secrets. He has said he was in the country to visit his grandfather. The US government is refusing to pay the former service member because they think he committed espionage. However although the investigation is 10 years old, the DOJ has never brought charges against him.

Hekmati is maintaining his innocence. He claims he’s never done anything to sell out the US to its enemy. His lawyer, Scott Gilbert, said it’s time for the government to “put up or shut up.” If the feds think the former Marine is guilty, they should indict him. Their failure to do so leads the attorney to believe they can’t support the charges with evidence.

The DOJ and FBI are not commenting on the investigation — which is standard operating procedure for ongoing investigations.

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