Former Navy Seal Speaks Out Against Flag- Burning Protestors

Former Navy Seal Puts Flag- Burning Protestors in Their Place
Former Navy Seal Puts Flag- Burning Protestors in Their Place

The American flag is sacred. Regardless of where you stand, on the left or right, it should be respected and treated just as you would treat any other sacred item, including the Bible or a judge’s gavel. That’s why we have rules about what you can and cannot do with the flag – such as laying it on the ground, getting it dirty, or burning it in a childish show of bad behavior.

Key Facts

• Unfortunately, if there’s one thing we’ve learned in recent years, it’s that the left is hardly mature and are willing to do anything to try and convince the world they’re right. Instead of arguing their point with facts, they rely on fake news and shock value to manipulate the American public.
• In no other moment was this more true than when a group of protestors literally set the flag on fire in front of crazy Maxine Waters’ office just last week. Amidst ridiculous shouts of “America was never great!” they set it alight and danced around like a collection of fools.
• Waters pretty much didn’t intervene and simply allowed it to happen, but that’s not entirely unexpected. She’s just as nuts as the rest of them, claiming that she’s on a mission for God to take down Trump as recently as last Sunday.
• Many people – politicians and average Joes alike – have been afraid to stand up to protestors, including Antifa. We can’t blame them; others who have disagreed in the past have been met with violence, injury, death threats, doxxing (releasing private info publicly) and attacks on their families.
• Enter ex-Navy Seal Dan DeBono. He’s currently running for Congress in New York, and while he recognizes that burning the flag is technically legal, he thinks it’s an abominable show of disrespect.
• DeBono called the move “unacceptable and despicable,” and reminded the public that fanatical attempts to discredit the President result in protestors “only soiling themselves.” He thinks it’s ineffective, turns people off, and shouldn’t be tolerated, and we can’t say we entirely disagree.
• “They’re only bringing dishonor on themselves by doing what they’re doing,” he explained. “It’s a desperate ploy, which is essentially going to backfire.” He’s right; previous polls have shown that most Americans, regardless of political standing, don’t like it when protestors mess with the flag.