Ohio Judge Arrested for a Violent Crime (Again!)

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It’s not every day that a judge gets arrested for murder. Then again, it’s not every day that a city chooses to employ a judge who has been to prison for a violent crime, either. In this case, we have both.
Lance Mason, a 51 year old former judge from Shaker Heights, Ohio, has been arrested and charged with the violent murder of his wife, 45 year old Aisha Fraser. Aisha was found stabbed to death, after a she made a telephone call for help from a domestic violence situation. Mason, whose job it once was to hold people accountable for their actions, was arrested after he crashed his vehicle running from police, injuring at least one officer in the process.

Key Facts

• That’s shocking enough, but it isn’t even the end of the story. This wasn’t even close to the first time Mason had assaulted his wife. He previously served jail time for beating her so severely that she required reconstructive surgery on her face in 2014.
• Police reports from the earlier incident state that Fraser’s husband bit her, choked her and punched her in the face repeatedly in front of their two children. She later filed for divorce because of the abuse.
• Mason served a total of just nine months on a two-year sentence for the crime (Sept. 2015 to June 2016). What’s truly shocking is how he was virtually rewarded for being a criminal after he was released.
• Cleveland’s Office of Equal Opportunity had an open position for Minority Business Development Administrator. Somehow, he beat out a total of 15 other potential candidates to be awarded the job.

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• After beating a woman so severely he forced her to need reconstructive surgery, Mason’s reward was ultimately a $45,000-per-year salary and a position in public authority.
• City officials allegedly explained away the hiring in the days after Fraser’s murder, claiming he was “”simply the most qualified candidate for [the] position.” The application did not include a criminal record, even though it’s clear the potential for working with vulnerable populations existed.
• Aisha Fraser was a teacher at Woodbury Elementary School. A statement from the school reveals just how much Aisha’s students and colleagues cared for her. “Aisha was a devoted mother and a longtime committed teacher to Woodbury students,” it reads. “She touched so many of our children’s lives and will be deeply missed. Her loss is unexpected and the impact of this news on our entire school community is unimaginable and profound.”
• Fraser is survived by her children, who have been left behind to grow up without a mother, all because of one man’s complete lack of self control. Some would say that the state of Ohio bears some of the responsibility for the situation. What do you think?