Former Pentagon Expert Says Our Cybersecurity Is Kindergarten Level

Former Pentagon Expert Says Our Cybersecurity Is Kindergarten Level

( – Over the last 30 years, the world has become a smaller place. In the wake of the downfall of the Soviet Union, the United States moved to shore up partnerships with China to influence them economically to change their model toward a more capitalist one. In one sense, it worked. In another sense, perhaps not so much.

The world is intertwined, economically and technologically interdependent, which can be harmful. Since August’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, some political observers have expressed concerns China and Russia could take Taiwan and Ukraine, respectively. Ahead of the Olympic games, the two superpowers united. Over the last few weeks, Russia invaded Ukraine and threatened the West with consequences over any involvement. While they may not pose a direct military threat to the United States, it has other weapons of choice.

Cyberattacks a Real Threat to the US

US Air Force former Chief Software Officer Nicolas Chaillan is warning the US could be in a vulnerable position if China and Russia team up against us. Chaillan said China might be sharing information with Russia, and it would be nearly impossible for the US to defend against cyber warfare tactics if the two chose to collaborate.

As of Sunday, March 6, Chaillan said the Russian military wasn’t using its most capable weapons and instead was focused on traditional warfighting capabilities. The former Air Force and Space Force chief software officer said the US must exercise caution. If China and Russia tag team and use advanced cyber offensive capabilities, they could easily attack US infrastructure.

Chaillan warned the US’ cybersecurity was at a kindergarten level compared to the two adversaries, and water and power grids were especially vulnerable. In the event of an attack, the former Air Force officer said the US likely wouldn’t stand a chance. The water and power grid could be down for weeks or even months.

Putin Threatens the West

Since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, he’s made numerous threats against the US and Europe. In late February, he reminded the world that he has a sizeable nuclear arsenal. The Russian president said the West would face the greatest consequences ever seen in world history if they intervened in Ukraine. For nearly a year, Putin has contexted a potential invasion of Ukraine on the former Soviet bloc country’s interest in becoming a member of NATO in Russia’s backyard. He warned NATO to back off, but the Western alliance refused.

Now, with the West imposing crushing economic sanctions and considering a no-fly zone over Ukraine, Putin has said Russia considers the West’s actions a declaration of war.

So, what will the US do if Russia and China hit the country with a coordinated cyberattack?

Let’s hope we never find out.

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