FOX Host Calls Iowa Debacle a “Slow Moving Car Crash”

FOX Host Calls Iowa Debacle a

( – There’s no denying the Democratic primary events aren’t getting off on a great foot. Fox News host Laura Ingraham finds the whole thing laughable.

On her show “The Ingraham Angle,” she mocked the Left for not being able to accurately record their Iowa caucus results. She pointed out the party has been a bumbling mess since President Donald Trump came onto the political scene, likening the 2020 race to a “slow-moving car crash.”

The television host laughed at the party and said that their failure in Iowa is the “perfect embodiment” of their horrible record, adding they’re “just not capable of doing the job.”

Ingraham isn’t wrong, the caucus was an absolute disaster. The Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) had no idea what they were doing. They gave precinct captains an app to use to report their vote tallies but reportedly didn’t offer training for the program. Then their phone lines went down, and officials spent hours on the phone only to have the calls disconnect.

As of Wednesday evening, only 92% of the precincts had been counted. Some members of the party are calling the entire process rigged, and the Dems are in disarray — again.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are proving Ingraham right. Instead of taking his Iowa defeat like an adult and moving on, former-Vice President Joe Biden attacked Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT). Biden, whose campaign questioned the validity of the caucus, said every Democrat will be called a socialist if Bernie wins.

Then Biden attacked the apparent Iowa winner, Pete Buttigieg, calling it a “risk” to elect someone who has only ever been a mayor. Apparently, he forgot the man he is disparaging also served his country in the military.

After her show, Ingraham continued to point out the failures of the Left on Twitter. In the morning, she let her followers know the votes were still not completely counted in the Hawkeye State:

Then again in the evening:

How is the Democratic Party going to lead the country when they can’t even get through an election without shadiness happening? The American people deserve leaders who are competent. Right now it looks like that person is President Trump, who has continued to lead the country despite the chaos in Washington D.C.

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