Fox News Guest Says Biden Officials Starting to Realize ‘They Can’t Survive This’

Fox News Guest Says Biden Officials Starting to Realize

( – To say that President Joe Biden’s first seven months in office have been rocky would be an understatement. It seems as though it’s been one crisis after another after another. Recently, the former head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said he thinks the administration finally realizes it might have to implement some of President Donald Trump’s policies.

On Tuesday, September 7, Trump’s ICE Director, Tom Homan, reacted to the news that Biden is thinking about putting some of the former president’s immigration policies in place. He said he thinks the administration is finally realizing they “can’t survive” the constant beatings they’re taking. He pointed out that he thinks more than 200,000 migrants per month are entering the country and they’re running out of ways to spin it.

Homan discussed the thousands of missing families at the border and how hypocritical the Democrats were during the Trump administration when he separated families.

The midterm elections are a little over a year away. Biden’s popularity is slipping and Democrats are scrambling. Homan thinks the polls are the reason the administration might be considering some of Trump’s policies. He went on to say he thinks the Left is going to lose the midterms and possibly the White House if they don’t act soon.

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