Fox News Host Gets Snappy With Jesse Waters: “Who Cares?!”

Fox News Host Gets Snappy With Jesse Waters:

( – Former President Donald Trump appeared in a federal courtroom on June 13, in Miami. He was arraigned on 37 felonies related to the alleged mishandling of hundreds of classified documents that the FBI recovered from his home. The charges against him have divided the country and his own party. Recently, a Fox News host and contributor got into a heated argument on the topic.

On the day of the former president’s arraignment, Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov appeared on “The Five.” During a segment on the charges against Trump, she responded to a remark from Hillary Clinton calling the Republican Party a “cult.”

According to Mediaite, Tarlov disagreed with the former secretary of state, saying she didn’t think the party had reached cult status but believes Trump “holds an almost mystical level of power and control” over many in the GOP. She went on to accuse them of being incapable of digesting new and negative information about Trump, including whether he might have committed crimes. She made a similar argument the week before when she attacked Jesse Watters and the other hosts for always bringing up Clinton.

The contributor said that the Presidential Records Act (PRA), which some have cited to excuse the former president, “doesn’t apply to agency documents” and that despite Watters’ claims, Trump was not allowed to take the documents with him.

That caused Watters to jump in and sarcastically remark, “Good argument.” Tarlov responded that the former POTUS admitted on tape that he didn’t declassify the records. So, she told Watters to stop using the PRA as an excuse. The Fox News host let her know that he would use whatever he wanted. Tarlov shot back, “Well, continue to do it inaccurately.”

Watters told Tarlov that he printed the law out and would “smack” the contributor with it. The two then began going back and forth over Chinese intruders and infiltrators who have managed to get involved with members of both parties. Tarlov said, “Who cares?!” and told him to discuss the indictment. In the end, the Fox News host shut the conversation down, telling Tarlov that it’s Democrats who don’t want to learn new information.

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