Fox News Host Says Democrats Are Getting A Pass On This!

Tucker Carlson Drops Bombs on Democratic Hypocrisy

Tucker Carlson Drops Bombs on Democratic Hypocrisy

( – The January 6 riots and election integrity have been hot-button talking points over the last year. This is especially true for the Left. By spending inordinate amounts of time talking about election integrity, Democrats avoid discussing issues Americans care about most, such as the economy, inflation, and crime.

On October 25, Tucker Carlson of Fox News laid out his reasons why the push for “election affirming care,” the Left’s term for denying the results of a vote, is no different from what they claim the January 6 defendants and politicians who support their rights have done.

The news is nearly inescapable. The host reminds Americans that not only has the Democratic party labeled an entire political party as traitors, but they also seem to believe they should jail people for their opinions and beliefs. As Carlson points out, prosecutors have built the cases against many of the January 6 defendants around their politics rather than their actions.

Most disturbing, however, is the hypocrisy. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton herself claimed the GOP stole the 2016 election from her, and Carlson lays out her arguments for why the GOP would try the same thing in 2024, even though President Joe Biden managed to get “15 million more votes than any president in American history.”

Carlson reports that Democrats across the country are already predicting that their elections will end in court battles over election challenges with no merit, setting themselves up for exactly what they accuse their opponents of doing. Yet, Republicans should pay for those thoughts with handcuffs and charges?

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