Fox News Star Pulls Out a Musket

Fox News Star Pulls Out a Musket

( – Two mass shootings took place in California less than 48 hours apart recently. One in Monterey Park on Saturday, January 21, left 11 people dead. Then on Monday, a gunman killed seven others in Half Moon Bay. Fox News host Sean Hannity discussed the issue on his show Tuesday, and it led to one of his colleagues brandishing a weapon on television.

During his Tuesday show, Hannity argued that California’s strict gun laws have not made the state safer. That discussion led to one about the need for people to own AR-15-style weapons between him and his two colleagues, Geraldo Rivera and Pete Hegseth.

Rivera argued AR-15s are not necessary. He pointed out that when the founding fathers ratified the Second Amendment, high-powered firearms like the ones used today were not in existence. At some point, the co-host of “The Five,” who called in via video, demanded someone behind him hand him a rifle. Rivera then held up a musket, telling Hannity and Hegseth that the weapons during the founder’s time looked like that.

Hannity began laughing and told his friend that he was going to be “arrested in New York” for having the musket.

Earlier in January, Rivera got into an argument about AR-15s during a discussion on “The Five,” after President Joe Biden said he wanted to ban assault rifles. During that conversation, the conservative once again said there wasn’t a reason for Americans to own AR-15s. Newsweek reported fellow host Greg Gutfeld asked him what the “AR” means in the name. Rivera claimed, “It is an automatic rifle,” leading to ridicule from gun owners.

Hannity picked on Rivera for the mistake during the argument on Tuesday, telling him the “AR” doesn’t stand for “assault rifle.” Rivera responded that it means “ArmaLite” and it “is an assault rifle.”

Rivera didn’t explain why he wants to ban so-called assault weapons but doesn’t want to ban semi-automatic handguns.

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