Fox News Won’t Air January 6th Committee Hearing, Unlike Other Networks

Fox News Won't Air January 6th Committee's Propaganda, Unlike Other Networks

Fox News Shakeup – Major Program Will Not Air

( – The January 6 Committee hearings began on June 9, in the evening. Most major networks are airing the proceedings in their entirety. However, the most popular cable channel on television decided it wouldn’t follow along.

On June 6, Fox News announced its primetime hosts wouldn’t cover the hearings live. Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson will host their typical shows without cutting away for the hearings. That doesn’t mean the company won’t cover the proceedings at all. Viewers wishing to see what’s happening on Capitol Hill can tune into Fox Business, which will carry it live.

Carlson called the January 6 committee “grotesque,” and Hannity said it was “fake,” telling viewers they wouldn’t hear the real story anywhere other than Fox.

Soon after the company made the announcement, criticism started pouring in. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) attacked the network, saying it was “shameful” that its hosts wouldn’t air the hearings. He insulted the cable news channel and its audience, claiming their viewers live in an “alternate reality.”

Fox News pushed back on the negative narrative on June 7, saying viewers could watch coverage in several ways other than Fox Business, including its streaming service and website.

Do you think Fox News’ main channel should air the hearings?

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