Fox Reporter Was Ordered to “Cease and Desist” Revealing the Truth

Fox Reporter Was Ordered to

( – News organizations are supposed to inform the American public. People especially count on their local news stations to do that. But recently, Project Veritas and one brave reporter in Houston proved that is not happening everywhere.

On Monday, June 14, Ivory Hecker told Fox 26 Houston viewers that the station has been “muzzling” her. She went on to say that she was working with Project Veritas to provide proof of her allegations. A video of secret recordings she’d made of executives and upper management at the station went up on Project Veritas’ website the next day. One of the interactions between Hecker and the station’s vice president, Susan Schiller, was especially disturbing.

In a recording, Schiller is heard telling Hecker to “cease and desist posting about hydroxychloroquine.” The discussion allegedly came after Hecker did a story with Dr. Joseph Varon, the chief of critical care at United Memorial Medical Center. In the piece, the physician said he has used the drug to treat COVID-19 patients with “good success.” Schiller was upset about it, telling Hecker that she “failed as a reporter.”

Why would a news organization want to keep the success of a medication a secret? It is their job to inform the public, and that’s exactly what Hecker was doing. Now, she is out of a job because she wanted to tell the truth. It doesn’t seem fair.

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