Fox’s Hilton Says It Will Be “Woke Supremacy” If Dems Win Presidency and Senate

Fox's Hilton Says It Will Be

( – The Democratic Party has a reputation for its social justice warriors. These lawmakers and voters jump all over and try to “cancel” people who disagree with them. Fox News host Steve Hilton worries about what will happen to America if they win the 2020 election.

On Sunday, October 18, Hilton warned Fox viewers if Democrats win the White House and the Senate, they’ll turn the US into a “woke supremacy.” He went on to say workers will suffer as well. The Left will send more jobs overseas and they’ll spread their “intolerant woke ideology.” He encouraged Americans to vote against the establishment next month.

President Donald Trump is promising to continue his record of economic success, help the country recover from COVID-19, and stop the Democratic Party’s persecution of the Right. Joe Biden says he’ll raise taxes on the country’s job creators, possibly damaging the coronavirus recovery.

The election is on November 3; who’s America going to choose to move the country forward?

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