Freak Accident Leaves Over a Dozen Dead

Freak Accident Leaves Over a Dozen Dead

( – India has experienced a number of tragedies in recent weeks that have left dozens of people dead. Now, another horrible incident has taken place. And once again, multiple fatalities were reported.

On Wednesday, July 19, 15 people died after an electrical transformer exploded in the Chamoli district. According to reports, the incident caused a bridge that spans the Alaknanda River to become electrified. Pramendra Dobhal, the police superintendent, said they received a call from someone who reported a “watchman had died of electrocution.” When law enforcement responded to the scene, they discovered 21 severely injured people.

The victims were all transported to the hospital, where 15 of them died. Among the dead were five home guards and a police official. The surviving victims were in serious condition at the hospital.

Monsoon rains have caused major issues in the country. That, coupled with poor infrastructure, led to the deaths. Electrocutions are not uncommon in India due to faulty wiring across the nation. On July 13, reports indicated landslides and other rain accidents caused 18 deaths. Residential areas and roads were submerged in water. In the previous three weeks, more than 100 people lost their lives in the floods.

In May, 15 people died after a bus driver lost control and plunged from a bridge. At least three children were among the dead. Twenty-four others suffered injuries. The month before that, in April, 11 people were killed when the religious chariot they were riding in ran into transmission lines and lit on fire. Authorities reported more than a dozen others suffered injuries when they jumped and fell from the vehicle.

As for the most recent accident, Pushkar Singh Dhami, the chief minister of Uttarakhand — the state where the electrocutions happened — ordered an investigation into the incident. He said that anyone who was guilty of wrongdoing would be subjected to punishment.

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