Free Iphone 7’s Through September 2016?

Iphone 7’
The Iphone 7

As I walked into my local AT&T store last week to preorder an iphone 7, I jokingly said, “I’m here to get my free iphone 7.” Needless to say, I was elated to learn that there is such a program. Trade in your Iphone 6 or 6s and get a $650 credit on your two-year next plan. The huge credit was initially available to those who preordered the first day, but on 15 Sep, it was extended to the end of Sep. According to the article below, this plan is also available through other carriers, and for other phones like Samsung. By the way, older phones like the iPhone 5 can get a huge credit up to $400. That’s a whole lot more than you could get by selling an iPhone 5 on ebay.