Frightening New Allegations Against Franken

Frightening New Allegations Against Franken

Disgraced Democrat Al Franken was forced to give up his seat in the US Senate in 2018 after numerous women accused him of inappropriate sexual advances. However, it seems not everybody came forward with their stories about his escapades at that time. Now it’s been reported that a ninth woman has come forward to tell her story of having her buttocks groped by Franken in 2006 while posing for a picture with him.

Previous allegations against him include the uninvited touching of a sleeping woman, of which there’s video evidence.

Of course, he now regrets resigning:

It’s not just the politicians who have faced serious allegations of sexual misconduct. Celebrity chef John Besh, comedian Louis C.K. and actor Steven Segal have all faced accusations from multiple women.

Finally, megastar Taylor Swift famously stood up for herself and won a moral victory when a jury ruled that a Denver radio DJ did, in fact, place his hand underneath her skirt and grab her during a photo op.

When will these people learn??

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