From Deplorables to a Cult That Needs Deprogramming

From Deplorables to a Cult That Needs Deprogramming

( – It’s old hat for conservatives who’ve faced the ire of liberal condescension. For decades, words and motives have been twisted to suggest that conservatives didn’t care if children starved or granny was thrown over the cliff. However, in the last year, something began to change. Instead of attacking conservative politicians, they are going after their voters and supporters to shame them into liberalism.

In 2016, Trump supporters who were initially offended at Hillary Clinton referring to them as “deplorables” couldn’t be shamed. Instead, they took it as a badge of honor. Vendors sold T-shirts, bumper stickers, and other forms of proud ways for said deplorables to show support for Trump. After four years of intense character assassination against the president, the Left still couldn’t separate Trump from his supporters. Now, the leftist media and politicians are turning their ire against the 70 million-plus voters who voted for him. It’s devolved from calling them “deplorables” to “cultists.”

When One Thing Doesn’t Work, Try Something Else

The inexcusable day of January 6 served as an opportunity, once again, for the Left. Whether one was in Washington to protest peacefully or not, doesn’t matter. In fact, over the last several weeks, Democrats and the media began expanding the base of people upon whom they would inflict name-calling harm.

Initially, people who stormed the Capitol were called out as behaving “chaotic.” Then, the rhetoric became that they were involved in “riots.” The de-evolution continued rapidly as they were characterized as “insurrectionists.”

And it’s become even worse. If anyone disagreed with the Electoral College results and believed voter fraud might have occurred, they could be called “seditionists.” As the de-evolution continues… now, conservatives are being labeled “terrorists,” and we must defend the country against them, according to the Left.

Reprogramming Required

For the last few years, Donald Trump was called a fascist for no reason. Yet, it’s not him that acted that way, and the hypocrisy is glaring. The rhetoric is getting so heated that Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) suggested that patriotic National Guardsmen “might want to do something” to hurt Biden.

That kind of thinking has led to media calls by some, suggesting the implementation of an Orwellian idea to save their concept of America. They call it “deprogramming.” They won’t define it, but its meaning appears obvious.

On Bill Maher’s popular HBO show, former NBC and CBS news anchor Katie Couric unleashed on Republicans and Trump supporters. She said, “The question is how are we going to really almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump.”

Unfortunately, she wasn’t the first one to call for deprogramming. Liberal Washington Post columnist and MSNBC Political Director Eugene Robinson said, “there are millions of Americans, almost all White, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed.” He added that they are members of the “Trumpist Cult.”

How exactly do they want to accomplish their “deprogramming?”

How Do They Want to Deprogram You?

You got it… through censorship. It’s not enough to demonize conservative lawmakers and think tanks. They’re expanding the pool to include you. The most effective means they think they can implement that is to silence conservative voices online, on cable television and radio, and in print. They are threatening livelihoods and intimidating and shaming conservatives. Second, through re-educating you that you’re wrong through the schools and media. If you hear something long enough, many are likely to embrace it as the truth, regardless of whether it is or not.

How can conservatives combat this?

  1. Continue to tell the truth about what they are doing.
  2. Make the case that liberalism is not the best option for prosperity and solving the problem of poverty.
  3. Of course, never resort to anger or violence. Why play into the stereotype they’ve designed? Use logic and eloquence to win.

The truth is still the truth – it’s better to win with honey than vinegar.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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