Fun Christmas Traditions From Around the US

Fun Christmas Traditions From Around the US

Merry Christmas! One of the great things about this holiday is all the traditions that go along with it. Some of them are almost universal, like decorating a tree, others are a bit more unique. Let’s look at some fun Christmas traditions from around America.

Las Posadas

Mexican-Americans do something called Las Posadas during Christmas. A deeply religious tradition, it takes place over nine days, which represents the nine months of pregnancy that Mary carried Jesus in her womb.

The tradition started in Mexico over 400 years ago. A man and a woman dress up as Mary and Joseph and travel to a different house each of the nine nights. At each house, the residents since a song to Mary and Joseph before they are allowed to enter. Once they come into the home, people will kneel around a nativity scene and pray.

In different parts of the US, the ninth night ends in a unique way. For example, in Oregon people bring gifts to donate to needy children!

St. Lucia

Swedish-Americans have a St. Lucia festival during Christmas time. It’s celebrated on December 13, the day set aside for St. Lucy. The tradition started after Monks brought Christianity to Sweden. St. Lucia, also referred to as St. Lucy, was killed because of her faith in the year 304. People who take part in this tradition throw parties and wear lots of red. There’s also a lot of emphasis placed on light during the celebrations.

Love Feast

The Moravian people of Pennsylvania have a holiday tradition called Love Feast.

During this event, people in the area come together at their local church to hear hymns and anthems sung by the choir. Part of the tradition includes passing out sweet buns and coffee to everyone in attendance during the time it takes the choir to finish three songs. This tradition is based on the Agape feast described in the Acts of the Apostles.

Regardless of where you’re from or how you celebrate Christmas, we hope that you have a happy one!

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