Gavin Newsom SHOCKER – “We’re Getting CRUSHED…”

Gavin Newsom Admits Democrats Getting

Gavin Newsom Claims Democrats Getting “Destroyed”

( – The midterm elections are days away. Republicans only need to net five seats in the House of Representatives and one in the Senate to win back the majority in Congress. Democrats are desperately trying to keep that from happening, but experts believe they’ll lose the lower chamber at the very least.

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) thinks he knows why the party is doing so poorly — its messaging is awful. Republicans have had a different theory for months, and it has nothing to do with the message.

Newsom Speaks Out

The Democratic governor spoke to Major Garrett, CBS News chief Washington correspondent, about the elections. The journalist asked whether the Californian thought it felt like there would be a red wave. Newsom responded, “Yeah, of course, it does.” He explained that he’s supposed to tow the party line and cheerlead, but the governor admitted he’s a “pragmatist.”

Newsom said he thinks his party is “getting crushed on narrative.” He went on to say he thinks the Left needs to do a better job getting its message to the people and “stop being on the damn defense.”

Newsom has been taking the fight to Republicans. He has run campaign-style ads in both Florida and Texas, targeting the GOP leaders of those states. He’s also traveled around the country to campaign for vulnerable Democrats ahead of the midterms.

A Common Complaint

Dan Pfeiffer, who worked as the communications director during former President Barack Obama’s administration, wrote a piece for Vanity Fair earlier this year. The co-host of the “Pod Save America” podcast stated the question he always received while attending campaign events was about why Democrats have such a problem with messaging. He concluded his party doesn’t have a megaphone that’s as loud as the Republican Party’s.

While those on the Left believe their message isn’t getting out, those on the Right believe poor policies are causing the Democrats’ problems. Inflation is at a 40-year high. Americans are paying more for less. Housing prices, rent, the cost of medical care, and nearly everything else are up. Crime is soaring in cities across the country, making it unsafe for residents. The lockdowns pushed by the Left during the pandemic hurt kids, and President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are low.

What do you think? Does Newsom have a point? Are the Republicans right? Or do you think they’re all wrong?

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