Genocidal Attack Kills 50 People

Genocidal Attack Kills 50 People

Brutal Attack Leaves 50 People Dead

( – In recent years, Eastern Africa has become a hotbed for terrorism. Al-Qaeda-backed terrorist groups have gained a foothold in the region, leaving death and destruction in their wake. That’s what happened late last month in Madjoari, a locality in eastern Burkina Faso.

On May 25, residents tried to flee a blockade in Madjoari, but terrorists intercepted and murdered them. Many of the killings took place near a bridge. Colonel Hubert Yameogo, governor of the East Region, told reporters it wasn’t clear why assassins targeted the area, but at least 50 people lost their lives in the siege.

According to reports, all the victims were male. They apparently tried to flee the commune after it ran out of food due to the blockade. When the terrorists struck, Madjoari had been under siege for 10 days, and the victims decided to travel to a commune in Pama, a regional capital. The recent attack wasn’t the only one in Madjoari last month. On May 14 and May 19, Islamists gunned down 28 people and injured 27 others.

A spokesman for UN Secretary-General António Guterres said he condemned the recent attack. He called on authorities to “spare no effort in identifying and swiftly bringing the perpetrators to justice.”

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