Geopolitical Tensions Rise in Light of Oil Freighter Attacks

The USS Abraham Lincoln carrier has been near the Strait of Hormuz for a month now. John Bolton cited the frequency of concerning events as justification for deploying the aircraft carrier. He blames Iran for the attack due to the video footage of an Iranian ship removing a presumably unexploded mine from the side of one tanker.

Iran has been at the heart of many conflicts in the Middle East, which Trump references as proof that the nation isn’t ready to make a peaceful deal.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran, currently has closed doors when it comes to speaking with Trump. He doesn’t believe Trump is a person worth talking to.

Shutting out world leaders doesn’t put Iran in a favorable light whether or not they were behind the attacks.

The situation continues to develop, and we’ll keep you posted as details come in.