George Santos Staffer Opens Up About Being His Press Secretary

George Santos Staffer Opens Up About Being His Press Secretary

( – Rep. George Santos (R-NY) has turned into a minor celebrity on Capitol Hill — for all the wrong reasons. The freshman congressman is under multiple investigations and has been caught in a plethora of lies. His press secretary recently spoke out and revealed why she continues to work for the representative.

On February 13, Business Insider published an interview with Gabrielle Lipsky, Santos’ press secretary. The 24-year-old said her normal day is like “a pinball machine.” She explained it shoots her “in every direction.” Prior to being hired as the congressman’s voice in the media, she worked for his campaign staff. Since moving to his press office, she says she often receives dirty looks in the halls of Congress. But she doesn’t care because she thinks he is “borderline genius.”

Lipsky told the reporters that she constantly receives calls from people across the US who are angry that her boss has not resigned from office. The new press secretary revealed some of those callers are threatening, while others just want to know why she is working “for somebody like that.” She also has to regularly field questions about the latest lies Santos has told. Lipsky said that she works for the New York representative because he “has a job to do and he needs people to help him do that.”

Lipsky’s parents both donated to Santos’ campaign. Her father, David Lipsky, gave him more than $8,000 five months or so before Gabrielle joined the campaign. That same day, Casey Lipsky donated $5,800. The press secretary downplayed the donations, saying her parents are Republican donors who often support “freedom-loving Americans.”

One positive for Lipsky, and the rest of Santos’ staff, is that she said they will all leave “battle-tested.” An unflappable temperament is certainly an asset when one works in political communications.

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