George Santos Steps Down From Assignments

George Santos Steps Down From Assignments

( – Multiple Republicans, including those in New York, have called on Rep. George Santos (R-NY) to resign from office. The congressman has been caught in multiple lies and is currently under multiple investigations. Though he has refused to quit his job, he did make a big decision.

On Tuesday, January 31, Santos announced he was temporarily stepping down from the House Science, Space and Technology Committee and the Small Business Committee. The decision reportedly came after he had a meeting with Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

The Associated Press reported Santos announced his decision in a prepared statement. He thanked McCarthy for meeting with him and “allowing [him] to take time to properly clear [his] name” before returning to the committees. The freshman congressman went on to say that he was going to continue serving his constituents and deliver results for them — though it’s unclear how he will do that without actively serving on the committees.

Santos has been caught lying about a number of aspects of his life from his education to his past employment. During the campaign he claimed he was Jewish, but when reports found he was actually Catholic, he told the press he was “Jew-ish.” He also claimed his mother was working in one of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, but reporting proved his mom wasn’t even in New York City on that fateful day.

In addition to taking a leave from the committees, Santos is under investigation by federal prosecutors by the Eastern District of New York. McCarthy has also said an Ethics probe has been opened against the congressman and if he is found to have committed a crime, the House speaker has indicated that would be a red line for him. There is also a possibility the Federal Election Commission (FEC) could open an investigation into him after reports accused the Republican of lying on his financial disclosures and forging the name of a treasurer who did not actually work for him.

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