George Soros Attacks Supreme Court Over Recent Ruling

George Soros Attacks Supreme Court Over Recent Ruling

George Soros Launches Major ATTACK – Blasts Supreme Court!

( – While most Americans celebrated the Fourth of July holiday weekend with cookouts and fun, far-left billionaire activist George Soros was infusing more left-wing distrust into American politics. On his website, Project Syndicate, the investor turned liberal political zealot blasted the US Supreme Court and the GOP. He called the conservative Justices extremists and part of a plan to create a repressive government in the United States.

Soros is Hungarian-born naturalized US citizen. Since 1989, he has donated $32 million through his Open Society Foundation. Nonetheless, the far-left activist laid the blueprint for the Left’s political agenda moving forward.

Soros Attacks the Supreme Court

Soros wrote that recent majority rulings by the six conservative Justices severely endangered democracy. While he acknowledged how dangerous China and Russia are, he noted domestic enemies pose an even greater risk to the United States. He implied Conservatives threaten the country’s future, and the only way to stop that threat is for voters to boot the GOP overwhelmingly from elected office.

So, how did Soros come to that conclusion?

Like most on the Left, Soros holds disdain for former President Donald Trump, whom he says is responsible for putting three supposed right-wing extremists on the Supreme Court. So, what exactly is the danger? Like much of the Democratic Party, the left-wing billionaire believes the risk is from originalist Justices who interpret the Constitution for what it says, not what they want it to say.

Is Soros Spreading Fear and Misinformation? Isn’t That Hypocrisy?

In Congress, the Left has never been allowed free reign to transform America into its image. The votes simply aren’t there to pass extreme legislation, as they discovered in 2021. For decades, Democrats used activist judges to get around Congress to initiate their proposals through the courts. Now, they don’t have that option, voters have completely blocked Democrats from implementing virtually any of its agenda in Congress.

So, Soros said the only fix is to reign in the Supreme Court by voting Republicans out of office and confirming liberal Justices. Still, the left-wing activist knows a landslide victory isn’t going to happen, but not because voters disagree with him. Instead, Soros believes it’s because the GOP appointed extremist judges who supposedly will allow GOP states to disenfranchise minority voters who cast ballots for Democrats.

While alleging that Trump is spreading some supposed “Big Lie,” the Democratic donor is suggesting his party should do the same. Soros alleges Republicans attacked the voter system and stripped the Voting Rights Act without actually giving any proof or showing a legal basis for his argument.

While Soros argues Democrats must do everything possible to prevent Republicans from taking the House and Senate in November, polls show voters appear ready to counter his perspective this fall.

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