George Soros DAs Caught Trying to Let Illegals Off the Hook

George Soros DAs Caught Trying to Let Illegals Off the Hook

( – George Soros has his hands in many pots. He’s one of the largest donors within the Democratic Party, funding candidates all over the country. In recent years, he’s begun pouring money into local district attorney races. Now, three of the candidates he supported are accused of a dangerous scheme.

On March 9, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) published a terrifying report about three of the DAs Soros supported. The probe found the prosecutors are trying to help immigrants accused of crimes stay in the country.

DAs Kim Foxx in Chicago, Larry Krasner in Philadelphia and Diana Becton in California have all directed officials to find ways to mitigate the “immigration consequences” on criminal defendants. Krasner even used $1.7 million from a Soros-backed group to create the Immigration Counsel in his office to further that goal. Some of the illegals being helped were accused of horrific crimes including rape and murder.

Immigrants who commit crimes of any kind should not be in the US. If someone wants to come here, they should follow the law and do the right thing. And, prosecutors should do their jobs and make sure they’re enforcing the law, not finding ways to get accused criminals off the hook.

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