George Soros Takes Action to Influence Young Americans

George Soros Takes Action to Influence Young Americans

( – Billionaire George Soros has his hands in many pots. He funds numerous leftist candidates, including district attorneys in local races across the country. His influence is wide in the Democratic Party and now it looks like he’s trying to expand it to college students.

On April 1, Bard College announced Soros donated $500 million to the New York school that trains “tomorrow’s thought leaders.” The college said they would use the money to establish an endowment fund and “facilitate and strengthen” its social and educational initiatives.

The school’s president, Leon Botstein, serves on the Global Board which is part of Soros’ Open Society Foundation. He’s in charge of advising the organization on its programs and entities. Critics have accused the college of running the educational arm of Soros’ organization.

The donation is the largest of its kind and shows just how hard the billionaire is working to influence young people and others across America.

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