Georgia Poll Workers Fired After Whistleblowing

Georgia Poll Worker Fired After Whistleblowing

( – Bridget Thorne and Suzi Voyles were both longtime poll workers in Fulton County, Georgia. They both took great pride in their jobs. Then it all changed, and the two women were fired.

It all started when the two women reported election irregularities. Voyles, a poll manager, said she saw stacks of unfolded absentee ballots that looked like they were all the same copies. When she raised concerns, county officials fired her. The same thing happened to Thorne.

On Friday, embattled Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) condemned the county’s actions. He said it was “important” that people like Thorne and Voyles be allowed to “raise their voice” when they think they’ve seen something suspicious. He called on them to be rehired for the next election.

Was the county trying to hide voter fraud by firing these two women? If nothing nefarious was happening, then why would officials terminate their contracts? Something seems off, and it’s Raffensperger’s job to get to the bottom of it.

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