Germans Voice Concerns Over US Treatment of Immigrants

Germans Voice Concerns Over US Treamtment of Immigrants

It’s one thing for Americans who misinterpreted Trump’s temporary ban on immigration to protest and voice their concerns, but to get criticism from Germany? Seriously? Perhaps they should look at themselves before casting stones in our direction.
While Liberal Americans are calling Trump the next Hitler, Germany is actually instituting practices that smack of the methodology of the Nazi regime. In fact, some of them are almost identical to the first steps that Hitler took.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has voiced her concerns about Trump’s policies on immigration, and they include her beliefs that origin and religion should not be viewed as reasons for suspicion. Since Trump never said that Muslims couldn’t enter the country (although many Liberals have made that assertion), it would seem that Trump and Merkel are on the same page. But wait a minute… what’s Germany’s approach as compared to the US?
President Trump has effectively closed the door on immigration, which means Americans won’t have to pay for the vetting process or deportation for those who don’t meet the requirements for citizenship. That means immigrants aren’t flooding the country while the vetting process is being further developed. In truth, it’s no different than a quarantine when there is a serious illness on a ship. No one is assuming that every immigrant is a terrorist, but this version of a quarantine gives the time needed to fine tune the process.
Meanwhile, in Germany…
Those who are seeking citizenship in Germany may find themselves better off than they were to start with when they go back to their country of origin. Why? Because Germany will pay them to leave. The sooner they leave, the more they get. So, they can wait to be rejected and potentially get nothing but deportation, or they can take the money and go before their case is fully reviewed.
Great plan for the immigrants, and it’s cheaper than the deportation process, but this method is still costing German citizens more than it would cost to refuse immigrant entry in the first place. And, what about the people who are already there?
Remember the arm bands and stars of the Nazi regime? They made it easy to identify Jews out in public. But, technology has made quite a few strides since then. Today, those suspected of having anything to do with any kind of terrorist activity in Germany are made to wear ankle bracelets that track their every move. Those who wear these GPS-enabled fashion accessories at the expense of German taxpayers have to wear the device at all times, stick to their planned schedule, and stay within a limited area — all without having been convicted of anything but suspicion.
Well, Mrs. Merkel, thanks for your concern, but you might want to clean up your own backyard. In America, we prefer to convict our criminals before we tag them with a personal tracking device. American citizens are also tired of the government wasting tax dollars on circular logic, so no, we won’t be letting immigrants in, only to pay them to leave.
Americans are used to enjoying their freedom and being able to offer those freedoms to others as well. And, though we may roll our eyes, we even understand that Americans are entitled to protest if and when they feel the need. It’s a whole other thing to take criticism from a country that publicized genocide, religious registrations, and seems to be in the middle of repeating a similar process.
Unfortunately, events in recent years have made it so that it simply isn’t safe to extend our hands to everyone. At this point, we can’t be that neighbor holding the door open. The house is full, the fridge is empty, and we can’t tell from here if that baby on your back is your child, or camouflage for a bomb. So, pardon us while we ease the doors closed and come up with a better plan to keep our home safe.