Ghislaine Maxwell Awarded Money From Accuser

Ghislaine Maxwell Awarded Money From Accuser

( – British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell is currently sitting in prison awaiting trial for charges related to Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking ring. A judge moved her trial to the fall after prosecutors filed new charges against her. Maxwell is accused of helping the late billionaire recruit and abuse underage girls. She has repeatedly complained about the conditions while locked up, but that’s totally fine because she just came into a fortune that will allow her to live the life of luxury she is accustomed to.

On Wednesday, June 16, a judge ordered one of Maxwell’s alleged victims to pay her a whopping sum of $13.70. The judgement came after the victim, known as “Jane Doe,” dropped a previous case against Maxwell in order to join a settlement that offered compensation to victims set up by Epstein’s estate. “Doe” has accused the jailed socialite of acting like her friend when she was 13-years-old and then grooming her. She says Epstein sexually assaulted her when she was 17.

When the victim dropped the suit, Maxwell was allowed to file to have her court fees reimbursed. She filed a bill for $5 and another for $8.70.

Reuters also reported this week that Maxwell is upset about the round-the-clock surveillance she is under, alleged water deprivation, and raw sewage in the jail cell. Perhaps she can use some of her hundreds of cents to buy herself a bottle of water. Or maybe she can call a plumber and see if they have a prisoner’s discount. That should get her through until her trial in the fall — well, as long as she doesn’t spend it all in one place.

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