Girls' False Accusations End in Lawsuit

Girls' False Accusations End in Lawsuit
Girls' False Accusations End in Lawsuit

Check any major news outlet in the United States right now with a political section. Chances are you’ll immediately see at least one article related to Kavanaugh and the left’s attempt to use false allegations to prove him unfit for the Supreme Court. Now, just days after the Senate voted 50-48 to confirm him into the lifelong position, it has become blindingly clear that this entire fiasco was little more than a calculated manipulation tactic by Christine Ford and his other accusers.
But it seems that Kavanaugh isn’t the only one suffering from false accusations. In another case in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, one boy’s parents are suing five girls who not only falsely accused him, but admitted to it – with absolutely no consequences.

Key Facts

• The 26-page lawsuit includes five defendants, all teen girls from Seneca Valley High School. Eighteen-year old Megan Villegas is the only girl to be named in full and identified within the suit; the rest are listed only by their initials due to their young age.
• Within the document, the terrifying reality for thousands of men becomes eerily clear. It started when a girl, known simply as KS, accused the boy, known as TF, of sexually assaulting her at a pool he worked at in 2017.
• The allegations caused TF to lose his job at the pool permanently. He was also charged, and convicted, of indecent assault and two counts of harassment. Despite the fact that the boy pled not guilty, the courts put TF on probation for six months.
• As a result of the lawsuit, TF underwent extreme bullying and gender bias in school. Both the girls and their friends virtually tortured TF in school before the accusations even happened, spreading rumors about him and even taping “PREDATOR” signs to his back without his knowledge.
• At least one of the girls, KS, fully admitted to the school that she was lying. She told officials that she just didn’t “like to hear him talk” and didn’t like to look at him, suggesting the allegations were a revenge tactic. The school took absolutely no action to protect TF, either from the false allegations or from the intense and extreme bullying within the school environment.
• KS also later admitted she would, “do anything to get TF expelled” leading up to the incident. At least one of her friends, named as CS, co-accused the teen of breaking into her home and sexually assaulting her there. He was also convicted of this crime.
• The false allegations resulted in TF being held in a local detention facility for nine days after officials attempted to say he was a danger to the community. He was later sent home on probation with little thought to his innocence.
• TF’s family lawyer, Craig Fishman, released a statement about the incidents. “(TF) was basically being tortured in school by the other students and investigators, but the administration was only focused on protecting the girls who were lying,” he said. “Once the allegations were proven false, they really didn’t care one bit about TF and there has been absolutely no repercussions against the girls.”
• In fact, the issue is so serious that, despite the girls all eventually admitting to lying, TF remains a felon in the eyes of the law. The courts have yet to expunge his records and reverse the charges, and the district attorney refuses to file criminal charges against the girls for the allegations.
• Fishman paints a sad picture of exactly what makes this entire issue so serious and so impactful.”T.F. has had psychological trauma because of all this. He’s had to see a psychologist to deal with the physical symptoms which are the direct result of being accused of something when he did not do anything wrong,” he said.
• It takes just a single accusation to permanently scar someone’s reputation. Fortunately, at least in the case of Kavanaugh, justice prevailed. Hopefully, justice will prevail for TF, too.