Giuliani Says Pennsylvania Might Be FLIPPED In Trump’s Favor After Further Review

Giuliani Says Pennsylvania Might Be FLIPPED In Trump's Favor After Further Review

( – Americans still don’t know who won the White House a week after the presidential election. President Donald Trump and his legal team are currently suing multiple states over allegations of voter fraud and other misconduct. Rudy Giuliani thinks there’s a high probability things will turn out in the POTUS’ favor.

On Sunday, November 8, Giuliani told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo he believes up to 900,000 ballots in the Keystone State are invalid. The former mayor of New York City called the election in PA a “disaster” and he thinks there’s “enough to change” the results there.

On Monday, he said he would prove “unlawful votes” swung the election.

The Trump team has not shown any evidence of fraud at this time. However, they’ve said they won’t be tipping their hand to the media, and are waiting for their day in court. It’s possible this election could go the way of the 2000 presidential race when Al Gore celebrated prematurely, but we will have to wait and see.

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