Giuliani Says State Officials Won’t Give Trump Team Access to Voting Machines

Giuliani Says State Officials Won't Give Trump Team Access to Voting Machines

( – President Donald Trump’s legal team has been fighting for access to voting machines. Lawyers want to make sure the tabulators did not change votes from the president to Joe Biden. Unfortunately, Rudy Giuliani is now saying his team is hitting roadblocks.

On Monday, December 21, Giuliani spoke to former Press Secretary Sean Spicer on his Newsmax show “Spicer & Co.” about the election. The president’s lawyer said the governors of some states where the vote count is in question won’t allow them to conduct audits. In Arizona, for instance, the team needs to contest 10,000 votes to flip the race, but the state won’t allow them to “look at the machines.”

Why won’t the states allow the Trump team access? If everything was legal and there was no cheating, what do they have to hide?

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