Giuliani Testifies in Michigan on Election Results

Giuliani Testifies in Michigan on Election Results

( – One of the most contested states in the 2020 election is Michigan. President Donald Trump’s team alleges a massive voter fraud scheme unfolded here. Unfortunately, no courts have taken the allegations seriously. But on Wednesday, December 2, the president’s attorneys went before the state legislature to testify about the issues.

At the onset of the hearing, Rudy Giuliani held up a large binder with what he said was hundreds of sworn affidavits from witnesses of voter fraud. Jenna Ellis, another member of Trump’s legal team, asked lawmakers to “take action” on the allegations.

During the session, Giuliani questioned a former Detroit city employee, Jessy Jacob, who claims she witnessed voter fraud.

In Michigan, the winner of the popular vote receives the state’s Electoral College votes. However, Ellis argued the legislature could take action if they find evidence of fraud so widespread it compromised the election results. It’s unclear whether this will happen.

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