Obama Era Scheme Unraveling: Global Warming Data Manipulated

Global Warming Fears Based on Flawed Data

This week, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology responded to reports about a 2015 climate change study from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) that had allegedly been manipulated for political purposes.
A scientist from NOAA was accused of “cooking the books” with regard to the measurements used in a recent study on global warming, in order to support former President Barrack Obama’s global climate change initiatives.
After the results of a landmark climate change study were released in 2013, most scientists in the field believed there had been a sort of “pause” in global warming, that was less than any similar period in the last 30 to 60 years. Basically, the study concluded global warming had slowed down for about 15 years. Interesting conclusion, but it didn’t fit the narrative on the left that says the world right now is committing CO2 suicide. And, it definitely wasn’t going to look good when Obama showed up with this information at the Climate Conference 2015 in Paris to talk about global warming.
Since scientists couldn’t find a way to disprove the results of the 2013 study that said global warming was decreasing, it looks like they may have just manufactured one.
Thomas Karl, who was at the time a key scientist for the Obama administration and director of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information, released a report in 2015 that all but negated the results of the 2013 study. This report allowed Obama to participate in the Climate Conference in 2015, with evidence that global temperatures are still on the rise.
So, how did Karl shoot down the findings in the 2013 report? He allegedly performed the climate change studies with flawed data. Then he threw out old, reliable data, and replaced it with the new, bad data.
The House Science Committee has attempted to investigate the possibility that the data from the 2013 study was changed in order to meet political ends. It has been reported that attempts to attain information from NOAA have been obstructed by Obama officials.
But we have a new president now. One who is not exactly energized at the mere mention of global warming. Let’s just say scientists in the area of climate change might do well to polish up their resumes. However, Americans should not take this as the “all clear” to be environmentally irresponsible. Past data has demonstrated that how humans treat their environment does have an impact on the health of the environment. So, while there may be far less reason to panic than we originally thought, responsible citizens should continue their efforts to reduce their carbon footprints.