Good News for 2A: Bad News for Criminals

Good News for 2A: Bad News for Criminals

( – A recent mandate had concealed-carry users in a whole new level of outrage. In Lincoln County, Oregon, the leaders decided to create a mandate which demanded everyone wear masks, with some exceptions. One of those exceptions included being a person of color (POC).

The mandate has since been reversed, following backlash from POC who felt it made them a target and Caucasians who also felt they were being targeted. But it also brought a new issue to light and seemed as if in the middle of racial riots, the leaders had just disarmed anyone who wasn’t of color.

To be fair, it made very little sense to begin with. Black men are among the high-risk group for COVID, so it would seem that safety from COVID wasn’t really the end goal, if they didn’t have to wear masks. On the other hand, existing gun laws also made it seem as if POC would be able to be armed, but whites wouldn’t.

Why? Because in most states, you can’t wear a mask and be armed. Hence, if you HAD to wear a mask, and another group didn’t, that would also appear to mean that one group could be armed while another couldn’t.

But, we took a closer look at such laws. The news is great for 2A supporters and not so great for those who are currently setting our country on fire.

Masks and Gun Crimes

Illinois addressed this issue early on. Specifically, state officials called it out in this FAQ.

“The Executive Order does not require or suggest that law enforcement should arrest or criminally charge conceal carry license permit holders for wearing protective masks while in public as long as they are complying with the other provisions of the Illinois Concealed Carry Act and are not committing any other violations of Illinois law.”

The intent here is that, since you are required to wear a mask for public safety purposes, it does not count as a crime, so you can still legally carry your guns. However, should you commit a crime while wearing the mask and carrying a gun, you will be subjected to the appropriate penalties as well as the charges for whatever crime you committed.

Masked Insurrection and CCW

It’s already clear that those committing insurrections are mostly unaware of the laws they are violating. You can add this one to the list now. Because, while the Left is cheering them on and pointing out how the insurrectionists are wearing masks, it’s clear they’re really concerned about public safety. The proof is seeing all of their bonfires consisting of nationally owned buildings, treasures, and small businesses.

If anything, those in Antifa and some other groups are wearing a mask to conceal their identities. And while they carry their guns in their masked uniforms, they ARE committing a crime related to CCW.

Individual State Laws

Not all states have the same laws. We know you want to be safe and we know you want to abide by the laws of your state. To that end, please be certain to read your states legislature along with federal guidelines. You don’t want to unknowingly violate a law and lose your 2A rights, so be sure to stay up to date and how your state is handling this issue.

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