Google Could Have Your Health Data

Google Could Have Your Health Data

Google, the spy of the internet who collects information like a dragon collects gold, has its eyes set on some new treasure — your health data.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that Google has partnered with Ascension to create software that analyzes patient’s information in order to give them recommendations to better their health. Ascension is the second-largest health care system in the US, which means millions of people are affected by this partnership.

After the news of “Project Nightingale,” as it’s known by Google and Ascension, became public, Tariq Shaukat, Google Cloud president of Industry and Solutions, issued this statement:

“Our work with Ascension is … a business arrangement to help a provider with the latest technology, similar to the work we do with dozens of other healthcare providers. These organizations, like Ascension, use Google to securely manage their patient data, under strict privacy and security standards.”

The partnership means that Ascension will hold all the medical data on Google Cloud. They say this is to make it more easily accessible to medical professionals, but what about the risks? Ascension claims that data is “underpinned by robust data security and protection effort,” and compliant with US law.

How do you feel about Google having access to your health records and all your data being saved on the cloud? Let us know in the comments.

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