Google Hit With $1.1 Million Verdict in Discrimination Case

Google Hit With $1.1 Million Verdict in Discrimination Case

( – Big tech companies have been some of the most enthusiastic promoters of social justice and woke ideology. At the same time, they don’t always practice what they preach. Google has just been ordered to give a female executive a million-dollar payout after she accused the company of sexual discrimination.

Ulku Rowe is an executive in the Google Cloud division of the world’s leading search engine company, and when she found out that two less experienced male colleagues were being paid more than her, she became a very unhappy executive. When she raised concerns with the company’s management, she says she was denied promotion in retaliation for complaining –- and things just got worse when she filed a discrimination lawsuit.

According to Rowe’s lawsuit, Google treated her unfairly because she was female. The company argued that her pay was based on performance and varied from year to year; some years, she was paid more than her male colleagues, and some less.

On October 20, a New York jury agreed with Rowe. The federal court ruled that while Rowe had failed to prove the company had paid her less because of her sex, it had treated her unfairly in other ways. The judge ruled that Google must pay Rowe $1.1 million in compensation for the distress she suffered. On top of that, it also has to appoint third-party reviewers to go over its HR and pay processes for the next three years to make sure they’re fair.

Responding to the verdict, Google insisted it hadn’t discriminated against Rowe because she’s a woman and said it was “pleased that the jury found that Ms. Rowe has been paid and leveled fairly.” However, the legal victory still went to Rowe. Google is very keen on telling the rest of us to meet impossible woke standards, but this case shows it still can’t get basic equality rights for its own employees.

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