GOP Blasts Dems Over This Hearing

GOP Blasts Dems Over This Hearing

If anyone still doubts that the Democrats will stop at nothing to smear President Trump, the last few days should change their minds. On Monday, a House Judiciary Committee hearing into the disgraceful collusion probe had a special guest — former White House counsel (and convicted felon) John W. Dean III.

There’s only one problem. John Dean was a White House counsel when Nixon was president, and he ended up being jailed for obstruction of justice.

What, exactly, can Dean add to the Mueller probe?

The answer is what you’d expect — nothing. He doesn’t like President Trump and claims he reminds him of Nixon, but he doesn’t have any actual evidence. Did Democrats on the Judiciary Committee even ask him for any evidence? No. They just talked about how Nixon scared them and Trump does too. It was a total farce and a mockery of justice.

Republicans were justifiably outraged at this travesty:

“…if we were attacked then the priorities should be to go on the battlefields and not to the sideshow.” He added that Dean is the “Godfather of interference.

– Doug Collins (R-GA)

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