GOP Candidate's Parents Back Opposition

Investment Program Offers Up to 8:1 Match
Investment Program Offers Up to 8:1 Match

GOP Senate candidate, Kevin Nicholson’s parents made a surprising move this week; instead of investing their money into their son’s campaign, they maxed out their contributions to his competitor. The couple gave Sen. Tammy Baldwin a total of $2,700 in donations, the current maximum.

Key Facts

• This isn’t the first time that Nicholson’s parents have donated money to Democratic efforts. His mother has been donating to the Democratic party for decades. It isn’t a slight on their part; it’s an indication of the fact that his political standing changed over the years.
• The Senate candidate wasn’t always a Republican; in fact, he was once President of the College Democrats of America. He changed his mind after a single tour of duty in Iraq in 2007, stating that what he had learned while on foreign soil had changed his attitude about America.
• Nicholson seems to acknowledge and even accept his parents’ alternative views. “My parents have a different worldview than I do, and it is not surprising that they would support a candidate like Tammy Baldwin who shares their perspective,” he said.
• When asked to explain the switch, Nicholson tied it into his own personal experience. “I’m a conservative today not because I was born one, but because of the experience I earned as a Marine in combat, my experience as a husband and father, my choice to be a Christian, the schools I chose to attend and the decision to pursue the career that I have.”
• The Republican also suggested that, despite his parents sharing a different opinion, it wouldn’t taint his performance as a Republican Senator in any way. “Regardless of who may disagree with my life decisions, I would not trade these experiences for anything, and they will always guide my views as Wisconsin’s next U.S. Senator.”