GOP Chairman Suspended Over Disturbing Allegations

GOP Chairman Suspended Over Disturbing Allegations

( – Husband and wife, Christian and Bridget Ziegler, were two of the most influential people in Florida politics. He serves as the chairman of the Florida Republican Party, and she serves as a member of the Sarasota County School Board, and is a founding member of Moms for Liberty. The couple’s world began to crumble when a woman accused Mr. Ziegler of rape. The allegations forced the GOP to take action against him.

On Sunday, December 17, the Republican Party of Florida held an emergency meeting in Orlando. The 40-member committee unanimously voted to declare Mr. Ziegler unfit for office. They removed almost all of his authority and reduced his pay to $1. The chairman attended the meeting but argued it was improper.

Mr. Ziegler has been under criminal investigation in Sarasota since October. That’s when a woman said that the chairman of the Republican Party sexually assaulted her. Mrs. Ziegler claimed the woman was going to have consensual relations with them. He refused to resign from his position when the allegations were made public, even though Conservatives, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, pressured him to step down.

The New York Times reported that after voting to strip Chairman Ziegler of his power, Republican state Rep. Michelle Salzman said, “This is about the black eye that it’s put on the party.” Evan Power, the party’s vice chairman, said Ziegler that he couldn’t “morally lead the Republican Party forward.”

Meanwhile, in Sarasota, the school board formally called for Mrs. Ziegler to resign from her position as a school board member. The resolution was non-binding, and she has not made any move to leave her position. She has been accused of imposing her morals on the students in Sarasota County while her own are shaky. A former Sarasota County student went viral after addressing her during the public comment section of the meeting and telling her she didn’t deserve to lose her job over her personal life; she should lose it because she is “terrible” at it.

Mr. Ziegler has not been charged with a crime. The police are still investigating the allegations.

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