GOP Dealt a Blow in Supreme Court

GOP Dealt a Blow in Supreme Court

( – The Republican Party is fighting hard to maintain the integrity of the 2020 election. They worry about the Left’s changes to state election rules across the country, and how they might change the results. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court dealt a blow to the GOP’s efforts in Pennsylvania.

On October 28, the SCOTUS refused to speed up a request from the Republican Party to put a halt to changes to the election rules that allow poll workers to count ballots received up to three days after November 3.

Democrats are celebrating the ruling as a win. However, there’s a chance the high court could invalidate the votes when it hears the case after Election Day. That means voters who listen to the Left might find out their voice didn’t count later.

That is exactly the kind of situation the Republican Party is trying to avoid. They want every American’s vote to count.

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