GOP Hopeful Flips Dem Incumbent’s Support

GOP Hopeful Flips Dem Incumbent's Support

( – A 2024 gubernatorial race just got a lot more interesting after a police union dropped its support for the Democratic incumbent and got behind his GOP challenger. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R) is trying to unseat Governor Andy Beshear (D). Now he’s targeting his record on law and order — and the police seem to agree with him.

On August 30, Fox News reported that the Kentucky State Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), which endorsed Beshear when he ran for election in 2019, has now backed away from the governor. Instead, this time around, it has decided to endorse Cameron. Welcoming the news, Cameron said the Order “has shown great confidence in […] our commitment to standing up for our law enforcement community.”

Cameron went on to slam Beshear for his weakness on crime, citing the fact the governor released 1,700 convicted criminals from jail during the 2020 pandemic — and a third of them reoffended. The Republican has built much of his campaign on law and order, including a 12-point plan he unveiled last month.

These points include boosting police recruitment, executing cop killers, reforming the state’s troubled parole board, and cracking down on drug dealers, carjackers, and gangs. Cameron says he wants his plan to become a model for other states suffering from rising crime and named liberal California, Illinois, and New York as ones that could follow his lead. He also blasted the Biden Administration for failing to deal with the fentanyl flooding into the US across the lawless Southern Border, and Beshear for not putting pressure on the White House to solve the issue.

The Kentucky FOP has a history of choosing candidates it sees as looking after its members. It’s switched between Republican and Democrat candidates several times this century; if it’s backing Cameron now, that suggests his message has hit home with its members. If ordinary Kentuckians feel the same way, Beshear could be in for an unpleasant surprise on election day.

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