GOP Lawmakers Take Action Against Illegal Migrant Workers

GOP Lawmakers Take Action Against Illegal Migrant Workers

( – The Biden administration seems helpless in the face of the crisis at the Mexican border, but Florida isn’t willing to sit back and let itself be swamped by illegal immigrants. A Republican legislator is spearheading an effort to protect the state’s workers.

On July 22, Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini (R) introduced a bill aimed at preventing illegals from infiltrating the job market. HB 6001 will force all new hires in the state to prove their legal status and right to work. Sabatini hopes that will stop illegals from taking jobs that could be filled by Floridians.

Sabatini’s bill calls for any job applicant, whether it’s for a government or private sector vacancy, to use the federally-run E-Verify system to prove they’re in Florida legally. E-Verify electronically matches the information on a job application with Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security records. If an applicant’s details don’t match, they don’t get verified. Participation in E-Verify is voluntary under federal law, but it’s been mandatory for Florida state projects since 2011. Now, Sabatini hopes to extend that to all jobs in the state and prevent border jumpers from taking opportunities that should go to legal residents.

An estimated 70% of immigrants are heading for Florida, according to Sabatini. Florida needs this law now, and Sabatini – who hopes to win a seat in the US House next year – is pushing hard to get it through the state legislature.

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