GOP Lawmakers to Talk COVID With Biden

GOP Lawmakers Want to Talk COVID With Biden

( – President Biden’s promises to unite the nation were already looking hollow on Sunday, January 31, as he prepared to ram through a massive and unaffordable spending package that’s opposed by most GOP lawmakers. Now, Republicans are trying to put together a compromise — and 10 senators want to meet with him face to face.

On January 11, Biden unveiled an enormous “COVID” spending package that would cost taxpayers $1.9 trillion, and shovels Democrat pork out of both ends of the barrel. The country can’t afford it, but Republicans have been reluctant to obstruct the essential elements of the bill. Now GOP senators have suggested a $600-billion compromise that keeps the relief spending for American workers and businesses, but strips out the special-interest splurge.

On Sunday, the 10 GOP senators sent a letter to Biden asking for a meeting — and he has agreed to the sitdown. The group is scheduled at the White House at 5 p.m. on Monday.

Last Friday, Biden said he would support passing the bill with Republican support if possible, but “the COVID relief has to pass — no ifs, ands or buts.” That risks starting his administration with a bitter partisan conflict over the shape of our spending plans for the next four years. Now 10 Republicans have offered him an olive branch – and a more affordable budget. The question is, is he smart enough to take it?

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