GOP Leader Slams Biden for Failing Policies

GOP Leader Slams Biden for Failing Policies

( – President Joe Biden and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) used to be friends. The two men served in the Senate together. It seems that relationship has now soured and the senator thinks his former pal is failing in his position as commander-in-chief.

On Tuesday, July 6, Graham told reporters that he’s “amazed at how badly” Biden is doing his job. The senator said the “border is in chaos,” Afghanistan is experiencing upheaval, and the Chinese are “rearing” their heads. He went on to slam the administration for the growing threat of inflation brought on by out-of-control spending. Worse, Graham said police officers “do not feel supported” and there is “lawlessness in the streets.”

Graham also said that he thinks the president is “in denial” over just how bad the problems at the southern border are getting. Hundreds of thousands of migrants have flowed into the US and the senator is worried about the “criminal element” that’s threatening the country. He said there’s a possibility that terrorists could be entering America while Biden is trying to be a humanitarian. And while Republicans are trying to solve the problems facing the US, the administration doesn’t seem to be altering any of its policies, he said.

In other words, Graham feels as though Biden is failing on every level.

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